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  • 5″
  • Includes glass bowl

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  • Mini Chewy OG - 3 left.
  • Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries- 1 left only.
  • Chewy Sours
600mg Lifesaverz Gummiez 10 x 60mg
  • Wild Berry
  • Sour
Ruffles Queso Cheese 600mg Cheetos Crunchy 500mg Cheetos Crunchy XXtra Flamin' Hot 600mg Cheetos Puffs 600mg Doweedos  Dinamtia Chili Limon 600mg2 pre pack 300 MG each 600 MG total
  • 5"
  • Includes glass bowl
Sweet Tart Chews taste like the original Sweet Tart Gummies except these candies contain 600mg THC in every bag.
  • Koffee Krisp Mini 600 MG
  • Dope Henry Reece Peanut Butter 600 MG
  • Kush Kat 600MG
  • MR. High Mini 600 MG
  • Marrz Barrz 600 MG
  • Wunderful 600 MG
  • Znickerz 600 MG
  • Reefer Cups 600 MG
  • Dope Henry Yollow 600 MG
  • Danky Milk 500 MG
Fritos THC bag of chips is a flavorful snack that will get you HIGH!
Each bag of THC Chips contain 600mg of THC. Do not get caught up eating the whole bag. Dose according to your experience and limit yourself (we know it may be hard) to the proper dosage.
If you love spicy, you’ll love Doweedos Flamas! Flaming hot. But with a medicated kick of THC in every chip.
Medicated Ruffles Queso edibles are bursting full of nacho cheese flavour like the original but with an extra cannabis kick!
Additional information
Sweet Tart Flavors

Mini Chewy – Blue

Chocolate Bits & Bites

Koffee Krisp Mini 600 MG, Dope Henry Reece Peanut Butter 600 MG, Kush Kat 600MG, MR. High Mini 600MG, Marrz Barrz 600 MG, Wunderful 600 MG, Znickerz 600 MG, Reefer Cups 600MG, Dope Henry Yollow 600 MG, Danky Milk 500 MG

Lifesaverz Gummiez

Wild Berry, Sour

Edible Chip Flavors

Dinmita Chili Limon 600mg, Cheetos Crunchy XXTRA Flamin Hot 600mg, Cheetos Puffs 600mg, Cheetos Crunchy 500mg, Ruffles Queso Cheese 600mg