Mendo Mintz – Tested 20% THC – Hybrid


1 Gram –  $10

1/8 Ounce – $35

1/4 Ounce – $65

1/2 Ounce – $120

1 Ounce – $220

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Mendo Mintz is a delightful hybrid strain that offers a unique and balanced combination of flavors and effects.  this strain is well-suited for both recreational and medicinal use.

This strain is known for its complex aroma and flavor profile, which combines minty and citrusy notes with earthy undertones.Mendo Mintz’s buds are often coated in a layer of trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance that hints at its potency.

When consumed, Mendo Mintz delivers a relaxing and euphoric high that can help to ease stress and anxiety. Its effects are typically described as uplifting and energizing, making it an ideal choice for socializing or creative projects.

Overall, Mendo Mintz is a flavorful and potent strain that’s highly regarded by cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a strain to enjoy on your own or with friends, Mendo Mintz is definitely worth trying.