Purple Milk – Tested 25% THC – Hybrid


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1/2 Ounce-$120


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(Purple Milk)

Strain – Purple Milk (Purple Punch x Cereal Milk)
Plump buds with shaped by spade formations. Fresh feeling nugs with a decent spongelike density, springing back to form, and lined with a sticky resinous coating. Shades of deep purple plum encompassing the larger majority of the structures, accompanied by little lime and emerald green patched undertones. A healthy spread of shorter copper hairs, and covered by an absolute infestation of frosted milky trichomes

Initially backed by a decent aroma, which becomes truly pronounced once busted. Exotic terpenes consisting of overtones that feature sweet fruity cream, with lighter notes of sour berry herbs. Smooth pleasant hoots filled by sweetened creamy berries, with herbal citrus hints. Exhaling the taste moving towards more of a sour cedar, along with a lingering citrus faint berry flavoring. Cleanly burning to a lighter grey ash, along with an oily resin ring

Purple Milk is an evenly divided hybrid (50/50). It provides an initial surge of uplifting energy. Followed by a cerebral influx that embraces creativity – allowing a clear head of focus to be maintained. A sense of relief is distributed through the body, becoming more calming, and slowly introduces relaxing effects. This exotic strain is a resilient smoke that can be busted out at any time, from morning to night