• Mimosa – (Sativa/Hybrid)
  • Orange Crush – (Sativa/Hybrid)
  • Super Glue – (Indica)
  • MKU – (Indica)
  • Gorilla Mac – (Hybrid)
  • Citrique – (Sativa)
  • Tangerine Cookies – (Hybrid)
  • Garlic Breath – (Indica)
  • Gelato – (Indica/Hybrid)
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SWEATZ EXTRACTS is a new extract company we have been working with very closely.  Producing only the highest in quality for some of the best pricing around.  Using only the best products and methods SWEATZ is bringing to you some of the best extracts on the market today.  Whether it is live resin, diamonds, or shatter your dab is going to make you SWEAT.

1 full gram of Sweatz shatter

$25 Each or 2 for $40

Additional information

Sweatz Shatter Strains

Mimosa (Sativa Hybrid), Orange Crush (Sativa/Hybrid, Citrique (sativa), Gelato (InHy), Garlic Breath (Indica), Tangerine Cookies (Hybrid), MKU (Indica), Super Glue (Indica), Gorilla Mac (hybrid)